Senin, 20 Maret 2017

vape rings

vape rings

all right you've stumbled on my tutorialof how to blow o's. i know there's a lot of them out there right now i know baby i'mstarting to get a lot bigger so it's definitely an industry that isprofitable right now but anyways back to the point i've been vaping for abouteight months i've gone through hours upon hours upon days of trial and errorto perfect these tricks so take it from me you will be getting the best bang foryour buck even though you tubes free so yeah let's begin now let's talk aboutthe mouth formation the stars and the shape that your mouth should be in 10look silly immature i'm just do it so you have to pursue her lips first offand it's gonna look something like this

i've noticed a lot of people who firststart doing those they tried to push their lips out because they think thatthat would project though further like that actually won't do anything if youthink about the physics of vapor and the way it moves through the air it's got arotation like this it's got back spin on it on all sides and it's moving throughthe air with that backs been so you have to pursue her lips so when you do yoursilent coffee later it will come out of your mouth quickly and project with agood spin on it so it'll go far through there now there's some noise in thebackground right now so i don't know if you'll be able to hear my call butbasically when you're doing your silent

calls you can blow though you have to to think about your normal car and thenjust minimize you should still feel it and hear in your throat but just bedoing just like that just a little cough and you want to focus on think aboutflicking your wrist when you flick your wrist it's a quick and swift motion thatis cut short that's how you want your cough to be just one you don't want to blow airout or anything because obviously that's not going to let your o form if there's an avalanche behind another thing to think about when blowing your o's isyou have to open your mouth pretty wide especially a lot of people don't havebig mouths so it's going to be really

wide in order to get the biggest andbest as it should look something like this notice how mine is a lot tallerthan it is wide that's pretty crucial because your o is as it's coming out ofyour mouth you to think about its gonna rule against the insides of your cheeksand then come out you don't want it to be so wide it can even start rotatingand get the formation

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