insurance group ratings for cars

insurance group ratings for cars

auto insurance discounts that will help youreduce your car insurance premium there are a number of different discountsthat you should take full advantage of as you try to reduce your auto insurance are some of them... 1. go for a multi-vehicle discount. it isa sure-fire and easy way to enjoy cheaper rates all you have to do to qualify for this discountis insure more than one vehicle with the same company 2. go for a multi-policy discount. for example,you will get a discount if you have the same carrier underwrite both your auto and homeowners'policies

however, be careful with this. you may bebetter off if you purchase your different policies from various providers that offerthe cheapest rates for each policy make sure you do thorough comparison shopping.that way, you'll be able to say for sure if this will be bring more benefits you can get and compare quotes at 3. do your best to become eligible for theno claims bonus. this is usually offered to people who don't file any claims for a minimumnumber of years (usually 3 years and above) don't file petty claims. it makes sense topay out-of-the-pocket to fix certain issues if you are close to the no claims bonus mark

4. you can get the low mileage discount bykeeping your mileage count down. join a carpool or use the mass transit systemmore frequently if you want to position yourself for this discount. in addition, walk when you have to cover shortdistances (it's good for your heart too) 5. young drivers should aim for the good studentdiscount. all you need to do to qualify for this discount is maintain a grade point averageof b or above 6. what about senior citizens? you can geta discount by going for refresher courses designed by your insurers completing such courses could give you a discountof up to 10%

7. you can get the safe vehicle discount bybuying a vehicle that has a very high safety rating. 8. insurers give long standing customers theloyalty discount and accident forgiveness. depending on the insurer, you'll be eligiblefor a discount of 5% once you've stayed with them for between three and five years get many more tips that will help you cutdown your overall insurance costs by up to 50% at one more thing... save a lot of money...

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