beginner mod vape

beginner mod vape

28 gauge, dual coil, .3 ohms. i like to live dangerously. sub-ohm has the potential to produce a lot of vapor. the wires heat up faster and gets hotter. more vapor equals a stronger nicotine hit, but the resistance is not the only thing that's crucial. we'll look at some builds to understand why. the build on the left is using a 26 gauge wire and the one on the right is a 28 gauge,which both have a resistance of .8 ohms. but as you can see the 26 gauge

requires more wire to get .8 ohms which means it will produce more vapor. that's because there's more surface areato vaporize the e-juice. so what happens if we try to get .8 ohms using a 32 gauge wire? the wire is so short to the point wherenot practical. then wires are used for the higher ohmbuilds, but for sub-ohm it's best to use a 28 gauge or thicker wire. i use 28 gauge for most of my builds. now let's look at a dual coil build. both are using 28 gauge wires and both

have a resistance of .8 ohms, but the dual coil requires four times more wire to get.8 ohms. this is a lot more wire and it will produce a lot more vapor. that'swhy sub-ohm vapers like to use at least 2 coils. i'll explain the details next time. out of box air holes are small so vapers will drill larger holes. the coils get really hot so this will help with the heat as well.though with larger holes the flavor is somewhat diluted because thedraws more airy. so the key to controlling vapor is resistance, wire surface area, and airflow.extremely low resistances

work best with a dripper. with theother atomizers the e-juice will vaporize than the wick can absorb it. dippers don'tthis problem because you drip e-juice onto the coil. the heat from sub-ohm will eventually wear out the insulator. the part that separates the positive andground. if this is damaged it can create a short. not to worrythough this part is replaceable. the most important thing to keep in mind is the resistance limit. it's differentfor every battery and i found a great chart you can reference.for example, if you have an aw 18650 2000 mah battery

the lowest safe ohm to run would be .3 ohms. if you new to this, i recommendsticking to the chart. if you go too low you're basically shorting out the battery and that is what causes the batteryto explode. i'll add a link to this chart with other safety information in thedescription.